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Balance Transfer

By switching your unpaid loan from another financial institution to one that provides a lower interest rate, you will lower your EMIs.

Home Loan Balance Transfer, also known as Refinancing or simply Balance Transfer, is the mechanism by which you will benefit from a lower interest rate provided by another lender. If you have an unpaid home loan from one lender, you can transfer the balance to a different lender that charges a lower interest rate. This is known as a Home Loan Balance Transfer or Refinancing. This one-of-a-kind home loan conversion service assists a borrower in avoiding high applicable interest rates listed by one home loan lender and switching to a lower interest rate structure with a different lender.

What are the benefits of transferring
a home loan?

Interest rates are being decreased from high levels to as low as 6.70 percent a year.

Monthly EMI can be decreased by up to 5% depending on the rate differential, balance tenure, and EMI.

Another lender offers lower interest rates and other benefits such as no processing charge.

Balance transfer services are available at several banks, including SBI, Bank of Baroda, HDFC, ICICI, and others.

Personal Loan
Balance Transfer

Transfer of the personal loan balance is a mechanism through which a lender moves from one lender to another the remaining principal of a personal loan to benefit from better terms, such as the lower interest rate on the outstanding lending. Many NBFCs (non-banking finance companies) and banks are now offering the option of a personal credit balance transfer. However, the balance transfer deal must be carefully assessed and the one that helps cut borrowing costs should be chosen.

Features of Personal Loan
Balance Transfer
Lower interest rate

One of the main characteristics or advantages of a personal loan balance transfer is that it frequently provides a lower or better interest rate. In general, on the credit transfer, the new lender will give a lower interest rate. This decreases the interest burden of the borrower by decreasing EMIs.

Longer Repayment Tenure

Balance transfer most also helps you to renegotiate loan conditions for the extension of your repayment tenure by the new lender. The monthly EMI pressure would be reduced. However, the average interest payment could be higher.

Other features available

You will also be able to receive the deal from other lenders for better loan features, like last EMI waivers, zero transaction fees, lower interest rates, etc. depending upon the past payments record and evolving income dynamics.

Better Services

The transfer of personal loans most also allows you to benefit from better services in case you are not comfortable with the existing loan or financial institution services provided. You can opt to contact the lender, who can provide better services than the current one, with the balance transfer facilities.