Who We Are?

Chickly is a product from Trusted Hands Financial Service (THFS) aimed at solving loan processing problems.

Trusted Hands Financial Solutions is a modern FinTech company focused on building multiple solutions for the Finance Industry by utilizing various technology and tools.

What We Offer?

A state-of-the-art loan processing and management platform, which allows efficient, effective & faster loan processing.

Chickly aim to solve disparity, delays, and frustration in searching, discovering, processing loans globally. We use digital tools to automate the loan processing – making it effective, efficient, repeatable, and consistent.

Our Vision & Mission

Build a customer-first, secure and consistent platform for solving challenges involved in loan processing. We are driven by efficiency, proactiveness, and outcome.


Customers Empowered

INR 100+ Crores

Customer Rating

Why apply with us

It’s all about the customer

Multiple Loan Options

We are proficient in 1000+ products in 500+ banks and NBFC’s

Competitive Rate

We have special partnerships with these lending providers.

Safe & Secure

The entire process is private, secure, and encrypted. We keep all the details protected and confidential.

We are here to help you

We are passionate about customer success. We believe in making a customer, not a sale. We are driven by our innate nature to solve customer challenges. Rest assured, we will get it done for you.

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